2017 Bartenders (2018 Coming Soon!)


Bill Sojourner
Caesar Gonzales
mug_binnBrian Binn
1.Looking forward to retirement at the end of August and will be moving to NC – more time for beach, golf, travel and family.
2. Was in Berlin the night the Berlin Wall came down.  Quite the scene at the Brandenburg Gate.
3.  280 skydivers at the Academy during my time as Vice Supt and as an attached pilot flying the Twin Otter.
4. Partial to country music, single malt scotch, and red wine.
5.  Happily married to Barb for 45 years this June – high school sweethearts!
Ralph Braden
1. Kathi and I celebrated our 24th anniversary in May.
2. HBA President in 2009
3. Practiced real estate law for 25 years before joining Nor’wood in 2000 to head up the development of Wolf Ranch.
4. Avid skier. Including 1.3 million vertical feet heli-skiing in Canada
5. Bicyclist. Did 20 bike rides to Aspen from Colorado Springs. One day trip leaving Colorado Springs at 3 am including finishing over Independence Pass. Last September, I rode my bicycle up Pikes Peak to celebrate my 66th birthday.
 Don Johnson
Scott Bryan
1. Once streaked a high school baseball game with 13 other guys
2. Heli-skied in Canada
3. Licensed sailing captain
4. I go commando under my bar apron
5. Starred on Blinky’s Fun Club
Jen Furda
1. Chief Operating Officer – National Cybersecurity Center
2. Two Teenagers-both play lacrosse
3. Married for 18 years (to the same guy)
4. I was a College Mascot – Go Bears
5. I have bungee jumped and sky dived
Jeff Renehan
Gene Renuart, General, USAF(Ret)
1. I used to have a lot of blonde hair
2. I am a Miami native
3. I am a member of US Professional Tennis Association
4. and a retired 4 Star…
5. I was not a cowboy till I moved to CO
Scott Stuart
1. Married to the love of my life, Katie Stuart…
2. Grew up on a cattle ranch in North Central Colorado…
3. Competed in rodeo (Bareback, Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc, Calf Roping) from the age of 14 until 26…
4. CEO of the National Livestock Producers Association…
5. Lost my sister-in-law, Susie Dempsey, to breast cancer…
Mike McCoy

1. I’m a New England Patriots fan and was able to attend this year’s Super Bowl
2. My wife is from Scotland and I’ve worn a kilt on more than one occasion
3. I’ve played golf at St. Andrews
4. I’ve flown on the Concord
5. I do tricks with my ears…just ask!

Joel Midkiff
Rick Powell
 Brad Renehan
1.  Born and raised in Colorado
2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with an undergraduate BS in Pharmacy, a D.D.S. and an MD
3. Commander in the USN reserves
4. Was on the short list to be the next King of Jordan in 1996 before King Hussein passed away
5. I am a Johnny Depp impersonator

James Kilpatrick
Andrew Feichter
Bill Kurtz