2018 Bartenders (2019 Coming Soon)

Head Bartenders

Bill Sojourner

  1. I am a fun fact
  2. I mix drinks like nobody else
  3. Ask me anything when you get here
  4. Tell me a fun fact you already know about me
  5. I have nothing else to say
Caesar Gonzales

Caesar Gonzales

  1. I play golf
  2. I have a Red healer named Koa
  3. I have lived in Colorado for 40 years
  4. I have a red Subaru named Roxanne
  5. I LOVE the Grateful Dead


Rich Bender

Rich Bender

  1. Loves to shop and has been known to frequent garage sales on Saturday mornings
  2. Started work at USA Wrestling nearly 30 years ago as an intern, now serves as the organization’s Executive Director
  3. Loves to hunt and fish, at last count has 100 fishing poles
  4. Has known his wife, Michelle, their entire lives, even delivered by the same doctor
  5. A proud Green Bay Packer owner
  6. Has traveled nearly 2 million lifetime air miles, including multiple trips to Iran and Siberia
Scot Cuthbeertson

Scot Cuthbertson

  1. I have been to a Super Bowl, A World Series, and a Stanley Cup Final
  2. I met my wife at Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo
  3. I served 26 years in the US Army
  4. I went to the same high school as President Trump
  5. So did Bozo the clown ( honestly)
Don Johnson

Don Johnson

  1. I like camping, hunting, and fishing.
  2. I have 7 kids.
  3. I like skiing extreme slopes / out of bounds.
  4. I still have a need for speed.
  5. I put up way too many Christmas lights.
Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

  1. I am an avid golfer
  2. I like sushi
  3. I am a full-time rancher
  4. I have refueled a B2 in flight
  5. I am chairman of the Colorado Humane Society
Kevin Kaveney

Kevin Kaveney

  1. I am a fledgling guitar player
  2. I’ve been to Ireland 5 times
  3. I am Red/Green Color Blind
  4. I am married to the beautiful Carrie Kaveney
  5. I have two boys: Conor age 10 and Carson age 8

Mike McCoy

  1. I’m a New England Patriots fan and was able to attend this year’s Super Bowl
  2. My wife is from Scotland and I’ve worn a kilt on more than one occasion
  3. I’ve played golf at St. Andrews
  4. I’ve flown on the Concord
  5. I do tricks with my ears…just ask!

Brad Renehan

  1. Born and raised in Colorado
  2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with an undergraduate BS in Pharmacy, a D.D.S. and an MD
  3. Commander in the USN reserves
  4. Was on the short list to be the next King of Jordan in 1996 before King Hussein passed away
  5. I am a Johnny Depp impersonator
Jeff Renehan

Jeff Renehan

  1. Colorado Springs native, Wasson High School and University of Colorado Boulder grad. 26 years in the Air Force and retired here. Currently work for a defense contracting firm
  2. Range Rider, assistant high school wrestling coach, high school football fundraiser. Enjoy sports, fishing, camping, skiing and riding horses.
  3. I provide the drinks (beer, beer and more beer and water and soft drinks) for the Range Ride – somebody has to do it.
  4. I have been a Pike Peak or Bust Rodeo volunteer for 12 years, currently President of the Board of Directors
  5. Two-time Cowgirls and Cocktails bartending champion, going to make it a three-peat this year!

Guest Bartenders

Christopher Bianca

Christopher Bianca

  1. I met my wife on a cruise
  2. I played saxophone and guitar in a band
  3. I originally went to school to be a meteorologist
  4. I’ve been part of two startup companies
  5. My family has traced our ancestry back to the Phoenicians
Eirck Dorminey

Eric Dorminey

  1. Nickname is “Boom” derived from a personal aviation story…a story for over an adult beverage.
  2. Once launched a 4 foot Budweiser Longneck Bottle
  3. I am literally a Hokie…and proud of it!
  4. An outdoorsman – love back backing, hunting, and fishing
  5. In my spare time, I decorate cakes…for my children

Andrew Feichter

  1. Proud father to 4 year old twin boys, Graham and Max
  2. My boys have thrown all my remotes, car keys and cell phone away either in the trash or hurled them out of a high rise building
  3. I attended the 2014 World Cup for soccer in Brazil- it was the most exhilarating and scariest experience of my life
  4. I mix drinks like a mad man
  5. Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies…
Ron Fitch

Ron Fitch

  1. Married to my beautiful wife Jennifer
  2. Father to future Mutton Busters, Trey, and Annie
  3. Die-hard Penn State Football fan
  4. As an Army Green Beret traveled to many unique places on Earth and met some interesting people
  5. Currently the Mayor of Fort Carson
Gabe Godwin

Gabe Godwin

  1. I’m from a small Eastern Oregon town (350) people called Halfway, Oregon.
  2. Oregon State Beaver alum and fan
  3. I have 3 kids- Ava, Dylan and Max
  4. I’ve run 2 marathons: they were the worst experience of my life
Gary Kiger

Gary Kiger

  1. Likes dancing
  2. Loves to golf
  3. Loves to ride motorcycles
  4. Loves to hunt and fish
  5. Likes to impersonate Elvis 

James Kilpatrick

  1. I played with dolls up to age 6
  2. I loved to watch soap operas with my grandmother—truthfully it was because she wouldn’t change the channel between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. and needed some company
  3. I still have clothes from high school—don’t ask me why
  4. As a child, lavender was my favorite color, and then I grew up to become a man
  5. I couldn’t grow a real mustache until I was 23….hated my corner fur upper lip half-stacha.
Bill Kurtz

Bill Kurtz

  1. I’ve run 12 marathons, and Boston twice
  2. I own 65 gnomes, with more coming soon
  3. In my next life I want to be a chef/sommelier
  4. Proud to say I’ve been married to Lori for 31 years
  5. Rode a bull once- only once